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Validating html5 documents

HTML5 RECAP Before I get stuck into patterns, I’ll quickly go through some of the important parts of HTML5 forms.

:[^()<>@,;:".[] &#x A0;000-&#x AD;‐ 031] (? We outlined some preferred style choices in the previous chapter, and you’re welcome to incorporate those suggestions in your own HTML5 projects.If you want to validate your markup’s syntax style using stricter guidelines, there are tools available that can help you. To use it, you can include the script in your pages during the development phase, then open your browser's Java Script console in the developer tools and run the command . ^_`~])@([A-&#x AD;‐ Za-&#x AD;‐z0-&#x AD;‐9-&#x AD;‐] .) [A-&#x AD;‐ Za-&#x AD;‐z0-&#x AD;‐9-&#x AD;‐] / .test("[email protected]"); >>> &#x A0;false For the record, here’s my RFC-compliant email regular expression. This also means that enforced password validation is probably wrong too. Invest your energy into two factor authentication or something else that’s actually secure rather than incurring the wrath of the users who do know what they’re doing. CREDIT CARDS "4123 &#x A0;5678 &#x A0;9012 &#x A0;3456" .replace(/(s)/g, &#x A0;""); >>> &#x A0;"4123567890123456"While I’ve shown how awesome regular expressions are for pattern validation, they can also manipulate data. ERROR MESSAGES <input &#x A0;pattern="d" &#x A0; title="Please &#x A0;enter &#x A0;a &#x A0; valid &#x A0;postcode &#x A0;e.g. In the last couple of years, millions of passwords - hashed and otherwise - have been grabbed from various online services which means that everything we though we knew about password validation is, in essence, wrong.

In HTML5, browsers are abusing the title attribute to this end.

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Validating html5 documents introduction

Validating html5 documents

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