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Well i want to say thank you so very much for writing me an email so i will get to know that you recessive my message when i sent you one on there XXXXX...

I am so very sorry i did not put in picture on the site be cos yes i was feeling shy,i am not all that cute and handsome to have my picture on that site XXXXX so i told my self to wait until someone write me,so after that we can share emails and pictures together and get to know each other much better.....

PM djljmom: how old is she PM johnson.cadman: 9 years of age hun PM johnson.cadman: brb PM djljmom: ok. lol IM Nov 26, 2013 PM PM djljmom: tristan is going to play on the computer, i am going to turn messenger on , on my phone ok.. miss you PM djljmom: Ok i have you on my phone PM djljmom: IM Nov 26, 2013 PM PM djljmom: so what did you surprise her with ? is this going to be another night spent without you my love ?

IM Nov 26, 2013 PM PM djljmom: tristan is giving me his christmas list.. IM Nov 26, 2013 PM PM djljmom: another night without you snuggling with me............ IM Nov 27, 2013 AM AM djljmom: i am heading to bed now. hugs and kisses , love AM djljmom: i am signing onto my phone , i will get your messages..

Version:, Dns Server: fec0:0:0:ffff::1%1, Qtype: A, Name: td-ems.com, OPCODE: Query, RCODE: No Error, ID: 4088, QR: True, AA: False, RD: True, RA: True, QDCOUNT: 1, ANCOUNT: 1, NSCOUNT: 2, ARCOUNT: 0, QUESTION SECTION: I have added a picture of mine to the email for you XXXXX,i hope you will like it as soon as you see it,i know that i am not all that handsome XXXXX so never run off from me when you see my picture okay...Take very good care of your self and am hoping to hear from you very soon....love ya baby IM Nov 27, 2013 AM AM johnson.cadman: Good Morning Hun AM johnson.cadman: I miss talking to you AM djljmom: Good morning Lisa Dominguez AM johnson.cadman: How are you doing Hun...I am sorry for not spending the night today with you because i encountred some internets problems..

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Lonelysoul net eng dating sites introduction

Lonelysoul net eng dating sites

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