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The fact that so many other industrial and communication innovations are attributable to this German-Jewish genius makes even more remarkable the rarity of the appearance of his name.

Summary: Siegfried Marcus, a German Jew, invented the internal combustion engine and the automobile in Vienna, patenting the carburetor, electro-magnetic ignition, and over 150 other inventions, including an automatic picture-maker, electric light, remote cannon-firing mechanism, and electric bell.

If we ask a rabbi the date of Rosh Hashana, he will explain that it is the first of the Jewish month Tishri, but that it falls on different dates in our September or October in successive years, since it comes approximately at the new moon.

It would appear that, of all of Marcus' revolutionary inventions, the internal combustion engine alone is so central to modern civilization that the name of its inventor would roll off the tongue of every grade-school child as easily as that of Watt or Whitney or Edison.

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While many white voters seemed surprised, puzzled and shocked by Wright's angry rhetoric, African Americans were less so.source, and that it proceeded to adjust the data to its own needs and concepts.” One adjustment was to relocate the mountain where the Ark lands to a higher mountain range to the north, “the mountains of Ararat” (Genesis 8:4) in eastern Turkey.And, indeed, there is archaeological evidence for many local floods in ancient Mesopotamia, since the Tigris and Euphrates rivers occasionally flood.Dig into the illuminating world of the Bible with a BAS All-Access membership.The Nazis sought to destroy his surviving automobile and to obliterate all references to it, but were prevented form completing that crime against history.

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