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Is new york still dating taylormade

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also reveals she was “a hundred percent” in love with her fiancé—and the couple even shacked up for awhile! We lived together, actually,” she tells host Emilio Velez.

You told me earlier in the season that even though you were disobeying the terms of your contract, you and Tailor Made were seeing each other in the six months between the show's taping and the finale airing. I toyed with that idea as far as giving our interviews and saying that but no, it was like day to day, night to night we were actually living together.

It's crazy, because it seems like this is the first relationship to come from the Flavor of Love universe to actually have a shot at working. I mean, at the beginning of the show, you couldn't stand him. There was no chemistry, I didn't even like the way he looked. I think a lot of the guys felt like he wasn't the best fit. They were trying to convince me it might not work, he spit on somebody, that's an assault, blah blah blah. A lot of the guys at the reunion [which filmed earlier this month] were surprised. I had every producer of the show in my bedroom and we were sitting up there for three hours. I mean the parallels between Tailor Made's behavior on I Love New York and New York's behavior on Flavor of Love are pretty remarkable. " It was pretty clear especially from the counseling episode that he was willing to do whatever it took, even if it meant assuming a position submissive to you. The thing I love most about Tailor Made is that he is not afraid to take a backseat to me in any capacity. He doesn't go out and buy toothpaste without asking me if it's OK. It's not like you know I'm his slave master or anything like that. Well, let's just say that I am less intimidated by him then he is by me. Was there a time that you could point to that you could say like here's when I knew I was in love with him? Because I know the whole Buddha thing was like...really dramatic. I did have very, very strong feelings for Tailor Made, but I had shared some meaningful time with Buddha. And I don't know if that would change anything, 'cause of course, you know, that's my man now so I lie: "Oh, I did know I was gonna pick you." But actually I didn't know who I was gonna end up with until I walked out there. Did you relate to him at all just as far as him going in there with a game plan and not afraid to alienate everybody? I'm like, "You remind me of myself when I had to fight for Flav." Constantly misunderstood, doing everything that it would take to win. That guy reminds me so much of myself how could I go wrong with him? I feel like I'm in control you know, but it's done in a respectful way.

That man completes me so perfectly and I do the same for him. I have to say this about Tailor Made: he is such a unique man, and even the way he makes love is very unique. He's very passionate and he actually does not need the penis implant. I don't know where that came from, but there is no way in the world. With I Love New York 2 off the air, VH1 finds itself without a queen. You know, get myself together, travel a little bit, have some extra, extra, extra extraordinary fun and then, in some capacity I know I'll be back. To rule the airwaves, to rule the network if you will.

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Is new york still dating taylormade introduction

Is new york still dating taylormade

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