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t; or use a false company name- Unfair practices- Debt collectors may not engage in unfair practices when they try to collect a debt- For example, they may not:try to collect any interest, fee, or other charge on top of the amount you owe unless the contract that created your debt ? allows the charge; deposit a post-dated check early; take or threaten to take your property unless it can be done legally; or contact you by postcard- Can I control which debts my payments apply to?Yes- If a debt collector is trying to collect more than one debt from you, the collector must apply any payment you make to the debt you select- Equally important, a debt collector may not apply a payment to a debt you don?but only to find out your address, your home phone number, and where you work- Collectors usually are prohibited from contacting third parties more than once- Other than to obtain this location information about you, a debt collector generally is not permitted to discuss your debt with anyone other than you, your spouse, or your attorney-What does the debt collector have to tell me about the debt? t think you owe the money- Can a debt collector keep contacting me if I don? If you send the debt collector a letter stating that you don?t owe any or all of the money, or asking for verification of the debt, that collector must stop contacting you- You have to send that letter within days after you receive the validation notice- But a collector can begin contacting you again if it sends you written verification of the debt, like a copy of a bill for the amount you owe-What practices are off limits for debt collectors?Wit him strugglin w wat sayy just gave it off- I was guna call police but im just guna kall da phone company see who it really was cuz wen I called bak its a sex hotline, AND I NEVERR GO ON THOSEEVERY TIME WE ANSWER THE PHONE WITH THIS CALLER ID #, THERE'S NOW ANSWER AND THE LINE JUST GOES DEAD- THEY DO THIS ON A DAILY BASES- I GUESS IT'S BETTER TO JUST CARRY A CELL PHONE AND DISCONNECT THE HOME #- THIS IS JUST ONE OF NUMBERS THAT CALL OUR HOME EVERYDAYThey are not "Technical Support from Windows " they are criminals trying to take advantage of you- The instructions that they give to "help" you will install software on your computer to allow them to, well, do any number of things- They can steal all your personal information stored on your computer- They can use your computer to send spam- They can use your computer to host a web site for illegal activities- They can use your computer as part of a botnet for distributed denial of service attacks- And much more, Hang up quickly if they call again THEY ARE HORRIBLE, AND THEY DO LIE- THEY USE A VARIETY OF NUMBERS TO CALL FROM, OR THEY BLOCK THEIR CALLER I-D- ALTOGETHER- GOOD LUCK TO YOU WITH THIS- I HAVE READ SO MANY HORRIBLE STORIES ABOUT THIS COMPANY FROM MANY VICTIMS Ugh Its a scam The only persons who should be touching your computer is you, your manufacturer, Real Windows support that you have called and or maybe a real live tech you see face to facewww-ftc-gov news-events press-releases , rt-refund-scamsconsumerist-com that-guy-on , ably-a-scammer www-microsoft-com security online-privacy avoid-phone-scams-aspxnews-softpedia-com news Cold-Call-Tech , on,shtmlwww-ftc-gov opa pecon-shtmwww-scamwatch-gov-au content index-phtml item Id www-net-security-org secworld-php?

photo SFL I hope so- Please let me know asap thankyou Only thing was i lost my cat today and the pics he "supposedly" sent were uploaded yesterday so there was no way it could be mine, Then i started to wonder and almost dloaded that crap into my comp, Sheeesh, Just when u thought you seen some of the lowest life on Earth another P-O-S- comes along and tops the ones before, Losing faith in humanity, Theres a special place in Hell for people like that who prey on the vulnerable in their time of need On Aug th I started getting calls every day from a , then on Aug th I started getting calls daily from a , then on Aug th, and Aug th it was , Aug st it was , twice a day until Sep th now , stated calling twice a day- I have reported these #'s and tried to get them to stop, but they just called again at : I received a call from this number and they had dialed the wrong number- They didn't offer to sell me anything, but I thought I should post this up-Denver criminal lawyerwww-denvercriminallawyer-org Glenarm Pl Denver, CO This number is a scam If they ever call you or leave this number for you to call them back, let them know that you will report them to law enforcement- They claim to be from Cox Communications and say that they will turn off your cable if you don't call them back and or let them in your house to check wiring- They ARE NOT FROM COX at all but are attempting to get money from you If you do have Cox Communications, only call the Cox number from your monthly billing statement and not this number- I called the real Cox Cable to verify if they were trying to reach me, and they were not- My account was in good standing and they had no pending orders to fix any wiring- I asked them to please inform their fraud department about this scam number who is posing as Cox- I also called the local law enforcement to report it Called me saying they were from Nationwide Delivery Service, verified my old address, then repeated the new address, and just asked for year of birth which I did give- Never showed up to deliver what they claimed was a pre-paid package from Wal-Mart- The office number they gave was The account that is sending these messages is a fake account set up to send these messages in hopes that you will respond to them via text message- If you do, you will be sent a link to a pornographic site, according to a poster here who did text the number-If you get a message with this number:) Unfriend the person sending the message-) Report the account to Facebook as either fake, spam, or scam-In order to protect your information, as there is potential for identity theft as well:) Go to your privacy settings at the top of the page in the left hand corner-) Hide the following: Your phone number Your email address Your date of birth (you can hide only year if you'd prefer)) Hide your friend list-In the case of phone number, email, and DOB, there is no real reason this needs to be on Facebook- Anybody close enough to call or email you probably already has this information stored in their phone or email contact list- They probably know your birthday as well-As for your friend list, I believe this is how this number is finding new contacts- Hiding your friends list will prevent the people you know from falling victim Left a message informing me that they had a claim against me, this man named Rick Masterson wanted to confirm my address- He said he would visit my home and my work (he knew who I worked for, but not where my office is- Number came up as UNKNOWN and called times in a row before he left this message- He sounded intimidating- Some poor elderly person might be frightened of him and would call him back- He sounded like a real jerk- He left this number (,) as a call back number - I sent a digital message to the number telling him to never call me again Also received message on followed-up after receiving one in the wee hours of the morning from , with the exact same "offer-" I just keep reporting all of these to the FCC and keep a log at home- Neurotic, I know, but someday it may come-in handy WARNING - SCAMMER ALERT - WARNINGJust another of the 's of Fake Google Listings Maps Scammers- They have no affiliation with Google whatsoever- This is a scam- Do NOT give them any personal information and for gods sake, do NOT give them your credit card number-% Scam This number keeps calling for our daughter who no longer lives at home- Will not leave any information and is harrassing us (her parents)- I asked them to stop calling here but they say it is one of the phone numbers on record- Have no idea what this is abouti got a phone call from this number like times so far this week , i tried to call back some strange accent girl answered me and she said that they sell laptops how can i stop this number from calling me , please advise I received a text message from this number that looks like an absolute fishing scam:"Apple is looking for people to test and keep the new ipad But only the st users that goto ipad-com and enter code BETA will receive it"This is a new one I been seeing now this past week, so far got two calls from them- No message on machine- "Banctel-com is a marketing services company providing outbound and blended call center solutions to the mortgage banking and lead aggregation industries-We help you turn leads into loans"Banctel-Com West Mile Road Clawson, MI -www-banctel-com Industry: Business service Revenue: - M in sales Employees: - employees Summary: telemarketing services Tags: MI - Business service (grumble as I type this () - Caller ID: Boise, ID calls again)I received phone calls in a row from this number tonight just before midnight- The caller left a generic text message that said "Please Call"- I have no idea who would be calling from this number so I'm not about to pick-up- I do not want to speak with any telemarket scammer or anyone else I don't know It's only pm, and these people have called my mother times today- Always a recording claiming to be the IRS and threatening legal action if someone doesn't call an number- I called the NJ number back and was hung up on Rec'd calls within a minute of each- I didn't recognize the name or #, so didn't answer- Don't know what it is but they let the phone ring over times each call- I did turn off my answering machine when I saw the # and then blocked it- So tired of these types of calls along with the scammers of all sorts- It's such an invasion of our privacy just becuz' we have a phone I totally agree with everyone This same number started calling me today- times today I asked them not to call but they keep calling I am super burned about this- This last time it was pm oh come on I answered for them to just hang up on me, I tried calling them back it is a recording and all customer service people are super busy oh please it's at night This company erroneously charged - to my Discover card without authorization- I live in Tennessee and am years old and and have never been in contact with a travel agency in Florida- We have reported this to our credit card company and our credit card has been cancelled Dear Consumers, This phone number belongs to Leading Edge Recovery Solutions, a licensed collection agency located in Chicago, Illinois- If you are the recipient of unwanted phone calls or collection activity, please send an e-mail with your questions or concerns to email In most cases, unwanted phone calls can be stopped within hours-Requests to cease calls are most effectively processed when the subject line of the e-mail contains a simple note (e-g- ? bagi saudara yang suka main togel yang ingin merubah nasib seperti saya silahkan hubungi KI JAYA WARSITO,di no (((,))) insya allah anda bisa seperti saya? I repeatedly told him not to call again and he just kept asking about surgery- I finally just said have someone from the US call me and hung up More information: I just got a call from the same number for the Democratic National Committee- The young woman on the phone said that they are a professional calling outfit, and they're doing work for many different Democratic organizations- She also said that I could ask to have my number removed from the list, and promised to do so I received the same call from David Jones and Max Morris both had very heavy accents, and wont fax pr mail any documentation comcerning these criminal charges- I have put a block ony phone and contacted the local authoritiesi got one today for - it said the coustmer iam trying to rech is unavaibel the number is , they whant me to westerenuion - tomorow iam going to the checkcashing place and pay the to percent i dont think my next check will be -do you that what they said its a differant number then youall but it is th same address so that smells like a scam richmond st london on canada Elderly persons are usually victims of this sort of crimes- Baiting these parties with a promise of sweepstakes winnings providing they pay a small fee- Example : - dollar payment done through pay pal with a return of ,- Wow what a deal- Remember the old saying " if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"I just received calls from this #- Once on my land line and right after,on my cell- Why the Heck would Kentucky be calling trying to recruit me?

menang togel JUTA , wassalam- dijamin % jebol saya sudah buktikan,sendiri, Apakah anda termasuk dalam kategori di bawah ini "Dikejar-kejar hutang "Selaluh kalah dalam bermain togel "Barang berharga anda udah habis terjual Buat judi togel "Anda udah kemana-mana tapi tidak menghasilkan solusi yg tepat "Udah banyak Dukun togel yang kamu tempati minta angka jitunya tapi tidak ada satupun yang berhasil- Solusi yang tepat jangan anda putus asah, KI -JAYA WARSITO akan membantu anda semua dengan Angka ritual GHOIB: butuh angka togel D D D SGP HKG MALAYSIA TOTO MAGNUM dijamin % jebol Apabila ada waktu silahkan Hub: KI JAYA WARSITO DI NO: ANGKA GHOIB: SINGAPUR D D D ANGKA GHOIB: HONGKONG D D D ANGKA GHOIB; TEXAS ANGKA GHOIB; TOTO MAGNUM D D D ANGKA GHOIB; LAOSHello we received a phone call too from this-I just told him off-I am also reporting this to the phone company and possibly the police i will hunt this loser down myself if I have to-Good luck to anyone else who gets a call from him This is a debit collection agency that buys old debit and jacks the apr back on it and only tells i can pay it back wit ur debit or credit card the are based out of greenville sc and use vontage phone systems and a auto dialer to call u so it comes up as a local number on ur phone so u will be more likely to answer but if these guys call u let them talk there bull to you and ask lots of questions cause if u let them talk long enough u will have info on them for a nice little lawsuit cause the debit is old and they will threathen u with a c its bs tho i am glad they fried me i asked a question about my commission i was told to leave Calls continuing since Thurs, 11/3 when I made inquiry on healthcare. I have been receiving calls from this number almost everyday, once a day- I spoke to a girl last month and asked her to please stop calling and to add me to their Do Not Call List- Last night I received a call and the man asked for paula- I told him he had a wrong number and he asked if I had a number to reach her, which I did not because I don't know a paula- I then called the number back this morning and told the man that I keep getting a call from this number and he stated that I was calling featured family films, however they were not the ones calling me- I asked to be put on his Do Not Call List and he said yes- I don't believe that he was affiliated with featured family films in anyway Barely intelligible man asked for "Toe-Mass" Went on to garble something about my company oweing money and needing to pay immediately or borrow from them to avoid prosecution. - School Done that part of life & have the degree to prove it and - I live in the Toronto, ON area, CANADAFederal Trade Commission Protecting America's Consumers www-ftc-gov Debt Collection FAQs: A Guide for Consumers If you? s records mistakenly make it appear that you are, a debt collector may be contacting you- The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation?

Despite telling them that I have coverage, they continue to call regularly between 9am and 10pm. s consumer protection agency, enforces the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which prohibits debt collectors from using abusive, unfair, or deceptive practices to collect from you-Under the FDCPA, a debt collector is someone who regularly collects debts owed to others- This includes collection agencies, lawyers who collect debts on a regular basis, and companies that buy delinquent debts and then try to collect them-Here are some questions and answers about your rights under the Act What types of debts are covered?

" because I happen to be bilingual- There was a woman on the other line who introduced herself and said she was calling from Sprint, in Spanish- i thought this was odd, because even though I have a Hispanic surname and I happen to be bilingual, all the calls I get from Sprint, or anywhere else for that matter, are in English- She said I was eligible for a new free phone with a retial value of - I denied and she asked, Really? : www-bbb-org nebraska business-reviews , ha-ne-And the BBB ignores the fact that the FTC spanked them: www-ftc-gov news-events press-release , lion-settle-ftc Bloomberg lists the head criminals at this organization: www-bloomberg-com research stocks priv , ivcap Id Department of Education contract: studentaid-ed-gov sites default files , ase Contract-pdf Bizapedia has them listed as a Delaware corporation- Here is a listing from Connecticut with the head criminals listed: www-bizapedia-com ct WEST-ASSET-MANAGEMENT-INC-html And their Delaware information: www-bizapedia-com de WEST-ASSET-MANAGEMENT-INC-html Complaints:forums-debtcc-com collection-agencies westassetmgmt-htmlwww-complaints-com june West_Asset_Management_-htmwww-ripoffreport-com r west-asset-management sherman-texas, west-asset-management-beware-total-harassment-these-people-dont-listen-to-the-ftc-rules-earlcapps-blogspot-com telemar , west-asset-html Federal law (FDCPA) requires them to send you a letter (US MAIL ONLY) within days of their first contact that contains their name, physical address, the creditor?

(in Spanish)- I hung up and called Sprint, like the other person on this forum and they were of no help at all - in fact, they wanted to offer me a free phone too- I kept saying to forget about the phone, I was worried about the call I just got- The fraud department doesn't help at all, and I haven' tried what the other person on this forum has, filing a Case Management Report I just got a call from them too- Funny thing is today I had a email from Quickcert so I checked their site out and wanted them to email me more information- They asked for my information, and I gave them my name and address, and email- But I put "NO PHONE" in the space that asked for my phone number, How did they get my CELL number? ) along with the phone number at which the calls have been received-Otherwise, you can report unwanted calls or any other issues directly to Company Management at www-leadingedgerecovery-com Help-aspx-Sincerely, Leading Edge Recovery Solutions I would highly doubt this is actually verizon calling- They have called my house twice a day for days- I have never had any type of service through verizon, so it's impossible that I would have any type of bill through them, current or past due WEST ASSET MANAGEMENTPosted in: notes-com Phone-aspx ,notes-com Phone-aspx ,notes-com Phone-aspx , Web site lists an address in Nebraska: www-westdebtsolutions-com contact Addresses:? s name, and the amount of the alleged debt- It also must contains ? telling you that it is an attempt to collect a debt and that all information will be used for those purposes- The one other important thing that this letter must also have in it is that you have a right to dispute the debt within days receipt of the letter and if you do so, all collection activity must be stopped until the debt is verified-Read up on your rights here, get template letters to send and also make a complaint at this government site: www-consumerfinance-gov Also file a complaint with your State Attorney General's office-List of State AG?

They stated my details have been passed to them from a financial research department and I had debts for unsecured outstanding matters- I have no debt of this nature- I asked where they obtained the information and they stated from there financial research department- I asked to be transferred and they refused, I asked what company they were and they refused to give that information- When I said that there is an obligation for a company making unsolicited calls to the public, they had to give notice and disclosure as this was the law- The phone call was quickly terminated by this unknown company- Most worrying- Also I am supposed to be registered to have my details barred from market research and nuisance calls - not very effective i'd suggest- This is a matter for Ofcom, my Service provider and the Police - it smacks of organized crime, and corporate misdealing's The Summer Bay Partnership fraud ring has a rating of F with the BBB:www-bbb-org central-florida business-r , mont-fl-Summer Bay Partnership Find a Location Phone: () -Fax: () -() -View Additional Phone Numbers() -() -() -() -() -() -() -() -() -() -() -() -() -() - Town Center Blvd Ste C, Clermont, FL email Management Brandon Bizar, Vice President, is also known to BBB as a principal in the following companies: Vacation Link of Florida, Inc-, California Vacation Holdings Group, LLC, Preferred Guest Services, LLC, Summer Bay Getaways, LLC and Reservation Services International, Inc-For a complete report on any of these companies, please visit www-bbb-org Contact Information Complaint Contact: Mr- James Baker (Manager)Mr-, Joe E- Scott (CEO)Ms Dawn Rudnicki Mr- Brandon Bizar (Vice President)Business Category Vacation Time Share, Resorts Products & Services This company operates timeshare resorts and offers timeshare packages-Alternate Business Names Gatlinburg Town Square, Inn at Summer Bay, SBR Florida Vacations, SBRHoliday-com, Summer Bay Preferred, Summer Bay PTN, Summer Bay Resorts, Summer Bay Resorts at Las Vegas, Summer Bay Travel Coop, Summer Bay's Crown Point Lodge & Golf Club, Summer Bay's Tradition Active Public Consumer-Related Investigation Case Number: L, Subject of investigation: "SUMMER BAY PARTNERSHIP" a Florida fictitious name owned by ORLANDO INVESTMENTS, LLP, a Missouiri limited liability partnership and BRYANSTONE, L-C-" a Florida limited liability company ; "Summer Bay Resort," a service mark, owned by "Summer Bay Partnership," Subject's address: US Hwy Clermont, FL Subject's business: Vacation ownership resort Allegation or issue being investigated: Possible violation of FL Statute , part II regarding vacation package (timeshare promotion) sales and marketing- AG unit handling case: Economic Crimes Division in Orlando, Florida Florida Toll-free Fraud Hotline:, answered a phone call from this number and it was someone from Sprint saying they want to send me a free Blue tooth phone because I am a valued customer- The only charge would be an connection fee on next month's bill- Someone from shipping is supposed to call me to verify- So far no info has been asked for but I am very suspiciousstop calling me I just said I hated you- OK- I'm done you can do what you like- I'm tired of being second- go do what you do best take care of what you made already- rj- and Charlotte- I hate you leave me alone- I told you I'm not go keep you from your kid but leave me alone your incapable of possibly loving me so continue living and loving her This is a California number apparently making calls to New York- Has called me and others in the area- Claims to be from IRS- LOSER Called law enforcement to report- Contacting California law enforcement I received calls from "New Brunswic, NJ", same phone #- On the first call the woman wouldn't speak to me about the call, only my husband (not home, she said she'd call back)- Second call the woman would talk to me about renewing my "Coastal Living" magazine subscription (they had sent it to me a year ago on their own-) I interrupted the sales pitch, said nicely that I wouldn't renew, interrupted the nd sales pitch to ask to be removed from the phone list and she was nice as pie- Good luck Calls and hang up- Answered once amd they started off by asking me my exact residence address amd to give them my social security number- When I asked what the call was about they refused to tell me anything u til I gave them the personal I formation they asked me for- I hung up and blocked the number- If theyre not a scam they'll send me a letter BYERSGAMES-NET AKA Byers Games , is a fake front company- They are part of a large group of fraudulent websites processing hijacked card data into cash- The operation is ran by a multi year organized crime syndicate operating from Eastern Europe- The fake sites are set up exclusively to process stolen card data, and launder the charges into cash- The stolen funds have been tracked being wired out of US banks to various banks in Latvia, Bulgaria, Kyrgstan, Cyprus and other locations- Some of the stolen funds have ended up in the Ukraine- This organized crime syndicate recruits cyber-mules either through fake job adds, or by targeting online posted resumes at careerbuilder-com, Monster, etc- They masquerade as legitimate software companies from various countries in Europe- The duped cyber-mules are then instructed to set up domestic LLCs Corps, open a business bank account, and obtain merchant gateway processing services specifically through authorize-net- The crime syndicate manages the associated hidden website, and uses the services set up by the cyber-mules to launder hijacked credit cards into cash- Every single charge processed via these sites are from stolen card data- It is estimated that they may process million cards a year, and may have to fraud sites operating at any given time-If you receive a charge from one of these fraud entities, it is imperative that you report the charge as FRAUDULENT, and cancel and replace the card number- They will keep charging it, also, check your prior statements for small fraud charges that may have been mnissed-In addition, please file a report at www-ic-gov complaint Internet Logistics, LLC is specifically addressed on this page: www-dslreports-com forum r-Ebo , lter BYERSGAMESThe complete story of this long running criminal organization is documented here: www-dslreports-com forum r-Ebo , Digital Age Pluto I did the same as you but I never responded back- Found this website and just deleted the text- It's a shame when you are seriously looking for work and these people are preying on you and seeing if you desparate enough not to investigate before it is too late- The website for the company said they were in India, red flag number one- If these scammers are using legitimate company names why doean't that company do something?

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How to meet sumone for sex for free no creditcard introduction

How to meet sumone for sex for free no creditcard

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